Barms Demographics (High Peak, England)

Barms is a ward in High Peak of East Midlands, England.

In the 2011 census the population of Barms was 1,945 and is made up of approximately 50% females and 50% males.

The average age of people in Barms is 41, while the median age is also 41.

93.4% of people living in Barms were born in England. Other top answers for country of birth were 1.3% Wales, 0.8% Scotland, 0.6% Northern Ireland, 0.3% Ireland, 0.2% Philippines, 0.2% China, 0.2% Australia, 0.1% South America, 0.1% North Africa.

98.1% of people living in Barms speak English. The other top languages spoken are 0.6% Polish, 0.2% African language, 0.2% Spanish, 0.2% Russian, 0.1% All other Chinese, 0.1% Italian, 0.1% East Asian Language, 0.1% Tagalog/Filipino, 0.1% Welsh/Cymraeg.

The religious make up of Barms is 60.7% Christian, 29.8% No religion, 0.2% Buddhist, 0.2% Muslim, 0.1% Humanist, 0.1% Sikh, 0.1% Hindu, 0.1% Jewish. 146 people did not state a religion. 13 people identified as a Jedi Knight.

35.4% of people are married, 17.2% cohabit with a member of the opposite sex, 1.1% live with a partner of the same sex, 28.1% are single and have never married or been in a registered same sex partnership, 10.4% are separated or divorced. There are 135 widowed people living in Barms.

The top occupations listed by people in Barms are Elementary 16.0%, Skilled trades 15.1%, Elementary administration and service 12.4%, Professional 12.1%, Process, plant and machine operatives 11.4%, Caring, leisure and other service 11.2%, Associate professional and technical 9.2%, Administrative and secretarial 9.2%, Sales and customer service 8.8%, Caring personal service 8.6%.

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